EU & UK Responsible Person

What are and which are the responsibilities?

In order to establish clear responsibilities, each cosmetic product should be linked to a responsible person established within the EU and GB, so the notification must be done in the name of a company with an address in EU or GB, respectively.​

Among the numerous obligations, the Responsible Person for a cosmetic product must ensure:


Regulatory Compliance

  • Safety with respect to human health and the production of a Cosmetic
  • Product Safety Report (CPSR)
  • Compliance of labeling, including a claims substantiation
  • Compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Proper maintenance of the Product Information File (PIF)
  • Notification in the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP)
  • Compliance related to nanomaterials

Regulatory Monitoring

Founded in 2012 Pharmilab acts as Responsible Person for many beauty brands, having a highly competent team in the legislation, monitoring it permanently to ensure full compliance of its customers’ products.

Cosmetovigilance System

Ongoing monitoring of the product, including the reporting of any undesirable or serious side effects to the competent authorities.