Market Intelligence.

Understand where the market is going.

We decided to focus only on the beauty sector to be a really specialized company and have the highest standards of quality, accuracy and professionalism on the market.
In all the services we provide to our customers, we put all the detail and quality that distinguish us.

Brand diagnosis and market research

Understanding your brand is the first step to know how to target it within the European market. Each brand has a positioning, and each positioning has different opportunities in the European market.

Strategic Consulting

Defining a strategy is not an option, it is mandatory and the basis of your brand’s success.Our team can help you to set up the a strategic plan that will help to grow faster.

Market Monitoring

Just as difficult as gaining market share is keeping up and continuing to grow. Keeping up with the trends and the competition your brand faces on a regular basis is the key to being able to react and adapt permanently.

Marketing Consulting

As good as your products are, if you don’t communicate them right, it will be hard to succeed in the market.

Sales Consulting

Defining your pricing strategy and policy, defining your sales channels, and positioning your beauty brand in the market, is a fundamental step to achieve good results, avoiding unnecessary deviations and adjustments over time.

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